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To Enhance Your Computer Security Guides

1-Choose a 64-bit Operating System

It is always best to upgrade to the latest operating systems as new operating systems have extended and enhanced features. If you are still using a Windows XP compared to the Windows 8 we have now, it is safe to conclude that XP performs inferiorly in terms of security. Moreover, even if you do upgrade to the latest OS, make sure that you choose the 64-bit version and not the 32-bit version, as the latter will be more prone to viruses and risks.

2-Avoid Using Administrator Accounts

The administrator account is the first account you see when you turn on a computer. This account has system administrator rights, but despite the rights, it is best to create a different account where you conduct your daily activities. In this way, even if you encounter a virus or any malicious code, it will not be able to entirely infiltrate your whole computer system that can potentially deteriorate network security. It is advisable to minimize the use of the administrator account.

3-Full Disk Encryption (FDE) on Laptops

Have the entire disk drive of your laptop encrypted. Having a standard password is not sufficient enough to keep hackers and thieves away/ the Full Disk Encryption or FDE provides an excellent layer of protection which works by securing the entire content of your computer and operating system.

4-Dump Office 2003 and Below

If you are still using the Microsoft Office 2003 version and below, it is imperative to upgrade right away. Documents from the old versions use binary file formats that can execute malicious codes. The new versions of the Microsoft Office come with features such as the protected read-only view which blocks the file from entering the computer if in any case it has viruses.

5- Updated Programs on PC

If you have third party programs installed in your PC including antivirus security programs, it is necessary to always keep them updated. Updates carry features which might be critical for network security.

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